This year our Digital Education programmes are undergoing a reboot at Capital E as the Digital Team (Kit, Kristen, Loren and Marten) continue to work on new education programmes for OnTV and MediaLab. Though the pandemic has thrown in a few curve balls, we are looking towards Term 3 to begin unveiling our new and revised line-up!

The digital and media landscape evolves and changes quickly, so the team constantly work on bringing new technology and techniques into our learning spaces. The team are assessing all the programmes on offer and identifying ways they can support teachers in boosting important key competencies and delivering the widest range of curriculum needs, including both the Digital and Local Curriculum.

In OnTV, we’ll be retaining the light-hearted, lively experiences of Alien Invasion, Wake up NZ! and Once Upon a Crime as well as audience favourite Newscast. The student-led inquiry and ability to customise makes Newscast an essential option for those wanting to explore the Local Curriculum. Sportsdesk brings together humour and team-spirit to compliment your class focus this year.

Staying on offer in MediaLab is Coding: App Making, 3D Game Design and Your VR, all programmes that tie in with the Digital Curriculum; Developing and Designing Digital Outcomes. According to the World Economic Forum in 10 years’ time, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills, as people, rather than being replaced by computers will work alongside machines. All our MediaLab programmes blend creativity and digital technology, and we’re also offering our popular Music Making session which links into the Music Curriculum.

Boy looking at a computer screen building a room with MagicaVoxel

For Capital E, 2020. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court.

In our new combined experience Game On! , students can get the best of both worlds with 1 hour of 3D Game Design and 1 hour of Multiplaying Gaming.

We have other new and exciting programmes on their way in 2020, and we hope you find the new line up an enticing mix of the classic and the cutting edge!