ODD ONE OUT (ECC & Ages 2-8)
Zip! The blue thingee gets put in the blue spot.
Ping! The green-majig goes to the green spot.
Bash! The yellow-whozit is placed in the yellow spot.

Three curious characters live a busy life in a world where everything has a purpose and place… until one day, an Odd character arrives and things start to change. Suddenly their world is full of things that don’t belong anywhere! What will the Odd One Out do next and will anything ever be the same again?

Odd One Out is a great theatre introduction for young children. Created for ages 2-8, it approaches a subject we all experience at one time or another – feeling left out or different. Through the vibrant and bubbly characters, the audience experiences a new world and discovers with the characters that being different isn’t bad. In fact, it can be exciting! With physical action and comedy, the three characters, at first cautious of the Odd One, learn that embracing new ways of doing things can be exciting and lead to unexpected creations.

This non-verbal live performance is delightfully entertaining and playful. The intriguing nature of the characters and the mischievous Odd One are a joy to watch and the unfolding story will have your tamariki laughing and engaging with the characters and their antics.

Written by Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood
Directed by Jo Randerson
Music composed by Jason Wright
Lighting Design by Natasha James
Set and Costume Design by Tony De Goldi and Owen McCarthy


Shows at 9.30am and 11.00am (and 1.00pm in selected venues).

North Island

  • Carterton Events Centre / Carterton / Tuesday 1 May
  • Regent on Broadway / Palmerston North / Thursday 3 May
  • Napier Municipal Theater / Napier / Monday 7 – Tuesday 8 May
  • War Memorial Theatre / Gisborne / Friday 11 May
  • Baycourt Arts & Community Centre / Tauranga / Friday 18 May
  • Turner Centre / Kerikeri / Tuesday 22 May
  • Forum North / Whangarei / Thursday 24 – Friday 25 May (SELLING OUT! THURSDAY 24th 11am and FRIDAY 25th 9.30am and 11am SOLD OUT)
  • Bruce Mason Centre / North Shore / Friday 1 June
  • Clarence Street Theatre / Hamilton / Wednesday 6 – Thursday 7 June
  • Whakatane Little Theatre / Whakatane / Monday 11 June
  • Great Lake Centre / Taupo / Thursday 14 June
  • TSB Showplace / New Plymouth / Monday 18 June
  • Te Auaha / Wellington / Week days, Monday 6 – Friday 10 August. Monday 11.30am and Friday 10am Relaxed Performances. In the Odd One Out relaxed performance some of the sensory elements are muted and you are welcome to explore the stage, shout out to the characters, or leave the theatre if you need to. You can find our social script here which includes a description of the show and theatre space.

South Island

  • ASB Theatre Marlborough / Blenheim / Friday 22 June
  • Theatre Royal / Nelson / Monday 25 – Tuesday 26 June
  • Theatre Royal / Timaru / Friday 29 June
  • TBC / Dunedin / Tuesday 3 July
  • Civic Theatre / Invercargill / Tuesday 24 July
  • Opera House / Oamaru / Friday 27 July
  • Papa Hou, YMCA / Christchurch / Tuesday 31 July – Wednesday 1 August (speak to the team about accessibility for this venue) WEDNESDAY 1 AUGUST 11am SOLD OUT
From the Writer, Thomas LaHood “Odd One Out aims to deliver a clear message about inclusivity and coping with difference, but we also want children to laugh out loud !” 
From the Writer Thomas LaHood
“Theatre brings people together in a physical place to experience something that can’t happen anywhere else – you can’t download it or read it in your bedroom. It has to be a shared experience. Experiences of theatre for children often remain powerful for a long time – and they are unique memories, attached to a place, a time, perhaps a person or a teacher who brought them along.”

Curriculum Links

Te Whāriki themes around belonging – understanding how things work and being able to adapt to change, and showing respect for kaupapa, rules and rights of others are explored; contribution – treating others fairly and including them in play, using a range of ways to play and learn with others; and exploration – where the characters make sense of their world through reasoning and problem solving

Primary School Curriculum links include Social Sciences with the characters beginning to understand that people have different roles and responsibilities as part of their participation in groups. Themes around Health and Physical Education are also present in the show. Students learn how to demonstrate respect through sharing and cooperating in groups and how friends develop interpersonal skills by expressing their ideas, needs and wants.