If cousins Finn and Grace aren’t already familiar to you, they will be soon! These two young filmmakers were winners in the 2017 Roxy5 Short Film competition and were just commissioned for their first paid film job.

Capital E has long been a connector for children and young people and the ever-growing film, digital and creative industries in Wellington. During the 2017 Roxy5 Short Film competition, Capital E worked with the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) to ensure that the student entries met the required G or PG rating. It was a great learning opportunity for the students involved as they worked to these rating requirements so that their film could be in the running to win.

The OFLC approached Capital E regarding their upcoming ‘Minds over Media’ campaign and whether we could connect them to young filmmakers so that the campaign content was made in a way that connected to young people. Capital E was more than happy to help connect OFLC to creative young people and introduced Finn and Grace.

OFLC commissioned Finn and Grace to produce a professional film for the campaign, which focused on encouraging teens to think critically about what they’re watching. This partnership provided an employment opportunity where they utilised their filmmaking skills, as a natural progression in their development as content producers. This great experience fits in with Capital E’s kaupapa of igniting and fuelling creativity in young people, providing genuine, hands-on transformative experiences that build bridges and pipelines between upcoming talent and industry;  and celebrates self-expression and creativity through the most effective tool of youth talking directly to youth.

Find out more about Minds over Media here: It’s not everyone’s fiction – OFLC

Watch out for these two, they’ve got a bright, creative future ahead of them!