Just one week out from starting rehearsals for Odd One Out and we are busy getting everything ready!

The actors join us when rehearsals start but the design and production team have been working hard in creating the show. The set and costumes have been designed and signed off by Director Jo Randerson and Creative Producer Marianne Taylor, the set has been priced and ordered by Production Technician Joe Newman, and building of the set has begun! Co-designer Tony De Goldi and helper Halo are up to their knees in fabric and wire and timber in the workshop at Avalon Studios – which is an amazing facility! They have been able to rig the hanging set items and wheel things around to get a good look at how things will work when we eventually install them in the theatre.

The actors have been measured up and Anne De Geus has begun the costume creation. These costumes will have three layers to them! An undersuit, an oversuit, and a shell-like outer layer that we are affectionately referring to as “the pustules.” Check out the costume drawings by Co-designer Owen McCarthy.

Often in production, these elements aren’t ready until much later in the process. Odd One out is a physical, non-verbal piece of theatre, so having the set and costume ready for rehearsals will really help the actors get into the world of the play and start to physicalise their characters early on. It means they don’t need to pretend, they will have the costume and set to be working with to inform their movements and how they interact with the space.

Lighting Designer Natasha James has been in to check out the build of the set and the make of the costumes to start to visualise how she can incorporate lighting into the items so that the characters and set items can light up!

You can buy tickets to the Odd One Out school holiday shows here. Odd One Out is touring New Zealand in 2018, so if you’re a pre-school or early childhood centre click here to find out where we are touring and to purchase tickets.

Quote: A lot goes into creating a theatre show; so far we’ve used 50m of wire, 30m of aluminium tubing, seven sheets of plywood, 30m of fabric, 52 metres of canvas, 10 litres of paint and a whole heap of polystyrene!