Kapiti College has been busy working on their short films for the Roxy5 Film Competition for schools.

Capital E spoke with students John McMyler, Polly Wenlock and Tiffany Ilott and teacher Alouis Woodhouse about the highlights, interesting bits and process of their projects.

Each week these three students work as writers, actors, directors and producers to shape their creative vision in their films. An impressive amount of time management and creativity has gone into making films like a New Zealand mockumentary of New Zealand icons, a light hearted comedy about finding courage in love and a story of fitting into New Zealand’s ‘kiwi’ culture by these three talented students.

“Roxy5 gives you a chance. Get’s you motivated with a theme. It also gets you to bond with you group” says Tiffany.

Entrants have around 14 weeks to produce their own short 5 minute film of any chosen genre. In May films will be judged by a panel of film industry experts with the focus on creative story telling. However Kapiti College are hosting their own in-house competition before embarking into the Roxy5 Film Competition. About 6-7 groups at the college are making their own films, where 2 are selected to go forward into the competition.

Film making teacher, Alouis Woodhouse says, “The competition is an opportunity to showcase work to a wider audience. It’s something magical. It’s a wonderful opportunity to sit in a cinema and watch your film being screened.”

Highlights for the process included working in a team and showcasing work to an audience.

“Shooting and editing are the best part” says John

“It’s entirely your own. There are no boundaries” says Polly.

Passion for film-making and films shines through these students at Kapiti College. Future aspirations for the film industry showed promise as the students express their ambitions to continue making films.

“I’ve always wanted to direct and act” says Tiffany

“I’d like to be up there making scripts” says Polly

Staff at Capital E are excited to watch the films made by the entrants and wish them the best of luck for their entry.