Capital E and the Wellington Sakai Association asked the tamariki of Wellington to “draw what home means to you” for the fifth annual Wellington Children’s Art Exhibition. 

On now at Wellington Museum, the adorable exhibition runs until Friday 27 November. Selected artworks will be displayed in Wellington’s sister city Sakai, Japan. 

For the 3-to-12-year-old Wellington artists, “home” is found in whānau, pets, nature, houses, monster trucks, love hearts and fantastic abstracts. 



But why is it important to display children’s artwork? Here are some benefits of putting your little one’s creative expression on the wall: 

  1. Encourages creativity

    Displaying a child’s masterpiece motivates them to create, develop and experiment with art. Studies show early exposure to creative experiences encourages communication, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. Foster a love of art in your home and art will love your child back.

  2. Shows your support

    Treating your child’s art like taonga shows you are proud of them. Boost self-esteem and give them their own sense of pride by supporting their artistic endeavours.  

  3. Creates a sense of self

    Frame that finger-painting and your child will see their mahi in a new light. This small act shows their creativity is beautiful and worth displaying at home. They can proudly point out their art to visitors, “I made this!” 

  4. Makes Memories

    Start your art collection early and you will have a gallery of memories to look back on. Why not decorate your Christmas tree with home-made trinkets and turn it into a festive display?

Children and their creativity are at the heart of Capital E. Visit the exhibition at Wellington Museum to join us in celebrating our city’s youngest artists.