Growing up, Flora Dryburgh loved escaping to new worlds through stories, that love only grew greater when she realised that through theatre, she got to become a direct part of them. Having gained a Bachelor of Creativity in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) in 2020 from Te Auaha, Flora has been fortunate enough to have leading roles in ‘The Addams Family: A New Musical’ ‘Cry-Baby The Musical’ (2019) and most recently ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (2020). A highlight of Flora’s was performing with Orchestra Wellington in the 2019 show ‘Heroes and Villains,’ where she was a part of bringing the magic of music to children. Flora is delighted to be looking towards a future of sharing her New Zealand based training  for all audiences bringing worlds to life through music, writing, storytelling and movement. 


What is your favourite seasons of the year and why? 
My favourite season is DEFINITELY Summer, the days are longer which means spending more time with your friends and family and going for lovely sunset walks on the beach. It’s the kind of weather that makes you feel the same INSIDE as the sunshine OUTSIDE.

What are you most excited about for this show and why?
I am so excited to be meeting lots of new friends throughout all the different seasons in the show and being able to bring the magic of theatre to families across New Zealand. 

What is your favourite thing to do in Summer? 
My favourite thing to do in Summer is saying hello to all of the people and the dogs that I walk past on my walk from my house to the beach, listening to music and letting the cuffs of my jeans get sandy and wet in the ocean!

What is your favourite animal and why?
My favourite animal is a Deer because I think they are very graceful and elegant and they have very soulful eyes 🙂 


Wellington, NZ. 12.03.2021. Capital E National Theatre for Children presents SEASONS. Written by Peter Wilson. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court.