Blog - April 2021

Meet the cast of Seasons – Flora

2 days ago | Elena Torres

Growing up, Flora loved escaping to new worlds through stories, that love only grew greater when she realised that through theatre, she got to become a direct part of them. Having gained a...Read More

Meet the cast of Seasons – Dom

2 days ago | Elena Torres

"Dom is soon to graduate from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film, with a minor in NZSL. Recently, he performed in LEGEND, and toured the play Too Much Punch for Judy...Read More

Meet the cast of Seasons – Mia

2 days ago | Natalie Crane

Mia Alonso-Green is a Wellington based performer who graduated with a performing arts degree from Te Auaha New Zealand School of Creativity. She has recently come back from the UK but delved...Read More

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