Capital E ignites the creative spark in young people, through digital workshops, live performance and events. We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Te Whanganui a Tara, Wellington providing quality experiences to schools and public. In addition to our Wellington experiences, Capital E National Theatre for Children tours shows all around Aotearoa for schools every year. Let’s get inspired together.


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"The talent, skills and great pleasure with which the three actors perform this show ensure a delightful 45 minutes for all."
"Capital E's first show in its new home is a winner and definitely for all ages. Mr McGee & the Biting Flea takes five short stories by Pamela Allen and turns them into highly entertaining, expertly performed, amusingly choreographed, musical adventures."
Really really enjoyed my trip here it was awesome!!!!! I loved it because there was no restrictions we got to put whatever we wanted or what felt right, it was easy to learn and i would definitely want to come back here again. Thanks Capital E!!!
My visit to Capital E was really great. I have many friends who produce music on their computers but I’ve never tried to do so myself. After this session however, I am definitely going to download Sony’s Acid when I get home. Overall great experience and a great teacher.




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