This week, the circus is in town with a classical music twist! The incredible Circa Contemporary Circus has taken the Creative Capital by storm, tumbling and twirling their way into the hearts of students around the Wellington region. We spoke to dynamic duo Kat and Paul O’Keefe about their show, unleashing the creative spirit and the pop culture that has shaped them along the way!

Hey guys! Can you describe your show in 5 words or less for our readers?

Energetic Circus, Musical Mayhem, Mischievous.

What do you want tamariki /children to take away from your show?

Smiles, laughter, enjoyment and hopefully a new interest in circus and classical music. We like to see the younger audiences talking about the show amongst family and friends. Did they enjoy it? What did they enjoy about it and why?

Also for us we wonder if the kids will go home humming a tune from the show? Will they realise they’re humming classical music?

What are you most looking forward to in the Capital E National Arts Festival?

We hear there’s a great show that uses circus and classical music called ‘Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus’ that shouldn’t be missed.. hint hint nudge nudge. 

Ok, but seriously. Capital E National Arts Festival is such a fantastic festival. We’re both really looking forward to being back in Wellington and to be apart of all the excitement. We’ve checked out the festival program online and already booked some tickets to see shows.

How has theatre helped you grow your creative spirit? 

Theatre for young people especially can be a powerful tool for unleashing creativity. We were both fortunate to see many shows growing up which influenced us in deciding to have careers in the performing arts. Our careers so far have spanned from puppetry, dance, musical theatre and circus and who knows where it may continue. 

The beauty of the arts is that it helps to spark imagination and helps push boundaries both physically and mentally. For instance in puppetry you bring an inanimate object to life. In circus showing the strengths, precision, trust and humanity of the human body.

What’s your earliest ‘creative’ memory?

Paul – Possibly the talent show that my sister, cousin and I put on for family where instead of singing Madonna’s ‘Dress You Up’ it was decided that I would wear a costume made completely of Milo wrappers singing ‘Dress me up in Milo’.  I’m still working out if it helped grow my creative spirit or not but it was definitely a whole lot of fun.

Kat – I grew up in a family that was creative. I would go on painting trips with my dad and do pottery with my grandmother. My mother trained to be a dancer when she was younger so she was always happy to spend time with me and indulge in my enjoyment of dance. 

I do however remember the first dance I tried to choreograph. It was to New Kids on the Block’s Step by Step and I had an imaginary audience that got to see the show. It wasn’t my best work but it was a good starting point. 

Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus will amaze, delight and inspire tamariki at the Capital E National Arts Festival. Tickets to the public show have sold out but we have plenty of other incredible, innovative shows available to watch this weekend. Tickets sell out fast so make sure to book today