National Arts Festival Public Shows

Capital E National Arts Festival_Circa_Wolfgang_Photo by Damien Bredberg

Wolfgang's Magical Musical Circus

The thrill of circus, the mayhem of Mozart!

National Arts Festival 2019 - GABEZ


Watch mime and slapstick with dexterous dance moves in this dynamic and energetic, physical theatre show!

Capital E National Arts Festival_Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere

Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere

The beloved children’s book The Kuia and The Spider receives the prequel treatment in Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere which explores the origins of the argument…

Capital E National Arts Festival for Children - Barber of Seville

The Barber of Seville

Comedy mixes with music in this fast-paced, colourful, and entertaining adaptation of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.


A lo-fi wi-fi fable in the vein of Stranger Things combining storytelling, music, and puppetry into an uncanny tale from the twitchy edges of the digital age.

Swamp Juice

Bickering snails, neurotic snakes and a cranky man chasing a bird:  welcome to a swamp like no other! 

The Eel and Sina

Does Eel have what it takes to sweep Sina off her big taro feet? Or will Sina make like a coconut and split?

National Arts Festival 2019 - Young and Cinematic

Young and Cinematic

Watch the best of the best Roxy5 entries from years gone by.

Capital E National Arts Festival_Treat


Help us on our epic mission to find the greatest, most awesome treat in the whole wide world!

National Art Festival 2019 - Black Dog

Black Dog

A beautiful story about the love of a dog for his best friend.


WIND is a show of the senses, where children are invited on a journey with the wind and where every single whiff of wind opens a door to life’s great questions. 

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