This week, the 2016 Roxy5 Short Film Competition winners embarked on the first stage of their filmmaking prize.

The three teams will re-make their films from pre-production through to post-production at Park Road Post, including sessions on the pitching process.

Pre-production meetings have begun with three top New Zealand film industry professionals, Jess Charlton, Chris Terpstra and Mathew Knight, and tutors from Capital E Digital, who will help the students revise their storyboards and scripts for the re-shoots.

Cinematographer Mathew Knight (Belief, Good For Nothing, No Man’s Land) will work with students from Kapiti College who were named Supreme Winners for their film Black Dog, a multi-narrative film which looks at issues around mental health and depression.

Students from Kahurangi School will collaborate with Director of Photography Jess Charlton (Existence, Bright Summer Night) to re-make their film Step by Step which won the junior Runner-Up award at the competition. Step by Step is about a troubled boy on a mission to amend the sorrows and make peace with his recently deceased brother.

Wellington High School’s A Fishy Tale, winner of the senior Runner-Up award, will be re-made with the help of Director of Photography Chris Terpstra (Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora, The Making of King Kong). A Fishy Tale depicts a young girl seeking the adventure and thrill of hunting for an elusive possession after being taunted by her brother.

The finished films will feature in the Capital E National Arts Festival in March 2017.