Behind the scenes in the Capital E workshop, Capital E’s new events extraordinaire is busy designing and building the next installation for the April school holidays.

BoxOpolis is aimed to inspire and ignite creativity in developing new worlds and landscapes, and Amy Church is part of a tight-knit team to make that happen.

We chatted to Amy to find out a bit more about where she’s from and some of the cool stuff she’s worked on in the past.

Where are you originally from?

“I was born and raised in Hamilton and went to Hamilton Girls High school. When High school finished I moved down to Wellington with a big group of friends as I just loved the vibe and diversity that Wellington had to offer.”

Have you always been involved in Wellington’s creative hub?

“I have always painted, drawn and done crafts as long as I can remember and was pretty set on making a career of it, though that hasn’t always been easy. I have worked in many different creative fields; painting small artworks to murals, making designer rock candy, painting sets and making props, creating concept drawings and designing playgrounds both in New Zealand and Africa.”

What projects have you been involved in thus far?

“I am hugely passionate about play so when I came back from a year living in Uganda, Imaginarium was born. We first set up in The Reading Complex and then I approached Capital E to see if they were interested in hosting our next installation which they were very excited about. We did Rebuild and I have been working with the events team casually ever since.”

Come and check out Amy’s work in the April school holidays. BoxOpolis kicks off from Monday 18 April (open Mon-Sat, 9.30am-3.30pm) and is free entry.