Finn Harland and Riley Mote from Tawa Intermediate School attended Capital E for a day to find out what it’s really like to work in the creative technology industry. After taking a careers quiz online along with their classmates from Room 10, the two future app and game designers spent time with our OnTV and MediaLab tutors to get a closer look at what’s really involved.

“I didn’t expect it [MediaLab] to look like this. I thought there would be just a couple of computers or something. I really like this tablet so I can draw my animations” says Riley.

I like that I can see my work in this programme [2D Animation] . You get to see all your hard work come up on the screen” says Finn.

After the jam-packed day, the two boys will go back to school to create a PowerPoint presentation to show what they did for their parents and peers.

“Ideally I’d like to help people do animation and coding” says Riley.

“At the moment I’m teaching myself JavaScript and making pictures with it. Sometimes I’ll code what I want for dinner and show my mum.”

The Capital E team had a great time showing Riley and Finn around our digital studios. We look forward to seeing them come back again soon.