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Tukuna Mai Ōu Whakaaro 

During the year, Capital E searches for artists and creatives to work with us to develop new and exciting original creative experiences for children.

Located in Wellington, Capital E has been part of the fabric of the creative capital since ages ago! For more than 23 years, we’ve worked with talented artists to deliver memorable, immersive experiences for Kiwi kids across the country.

Our high-quality, inclusive experiences are made with a range of artists, arts organisations, and festivals who believe as we do, that every young New Zealander should have the opportunity to experience the best in the arts.

Supported by Creative New Zealand, the Ideatorium is an opportunity for experienced and emerging artists to develop their career and creative expression and see their work enjoyed by New Zealand’s youngest creative citizens.

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About Us

We’re a creative bunch who live at the intersection of creativity and play. We ignite and fuel the creative spark in children and young people, equipping them with skills to be confident, capable, creative citizens in a world of possibilities.

Our kaupapa is to create experiences For, With, By, and Between children and young people.

Our Values:

  • Children are at the heart of everything we do

  • Creativity is for everyone

  • We are creative connectors

Our Advisory Process

Applications will be assessed by our independent Artistic Advisory Panel who bring expertise and contextual knowledge of the arts and of work made for children. The panel’s job is to assess your proposal and make recommendations to Capital E. If successful, the Capital E team will partner with you to further develop your project.


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Digital Application

Our Digital school holiday programmes offer opportunities to explore areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and game development as an artistic expression, or coding to drive projections, monitors or robotics.

Play Activations Application

We have opportunities for artists of all disciplines to develop play-based installations in PlayHQ.

National Theatre for Children and National Arts Festival Application

Our Live performance programme invites artists to submit applications to develop work for our National Theatre for Children, or for presentation in our biennial National Arts Festival.


What's an Ideatorium?

Do you accept submissions for work for adults?

Is this a grant?

Can I submit more than one Ideatorium application?

How complete does my project idea need to be?

What is the process after application?

What if I’m still working out some of the information?

I’ve performed/ exhibited this work or something similar somewhere else, is that okay?

What is an advisory panel?

I’ve missed the deadline. Can I just send you my idea anyway?

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