Words by Kristen Rowe, OnTV Coordinator at Capital E.

So why is creativity such a great thing to indulge in, especially during an OnTV session?

As author Kurt Vonnegut says, “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

There’s a number of benefits that creativity brings:

Developing confidence

Engaging in the creative process builds confidence because it comes with ups and downs. A risk of ‘failure’ also leads to self-discovery. Once we see that failure is not the end of the world, we’re more open to taking risks, releasing fear, and stepping forward into new experiences. Getting creative results in growth and a boost to self-confidence. The OnTV studio is a fantastic space to encourage students to stretch themselves by taking on a new challenge.

Self-expression and discovery

Creativity provides freedom through self-expression. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from developing, shaping, and creating something yourself.  When you create, you put something of who you are into the work – your personality, your skills and your ability. Through experimenting and exploring you can also discover new interests, passions, and talents. I particularly love to see this play out in the OnTV studio. Often students are challenged by their role (especially if it involves mastering technical equipment!) and by the end of the session discover that they can do it and they’ve had fun!

OnTV’s ‘taster’ experience at Capital E, inspires students to continue exploring creativity and filmmaking in their own time. For some, it also results in an expanded view of what future career paths could hold.

Creating brings joy!

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction that comes when you finish creating – something new has been made out of nothing! We often see this sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from groups who work hard to learn their roles and successfully record their own unique show. Later on, they can also share, and relive this experience with their friends and family by watching the video at home.

Improving mood

We live busy lives, and the average person has around 60,000 thoughts rushing through their head daily! Any creative act helps focus and reset the mind. Getting creative positively impacts the brain and body. When you finish a creative task (which could be anything from drawing a picture to writing in a journal, to performing in an OnTV show!) your brain is filled with dopamine. This is an all-natural anti-depressant and makes you feel good!

Increasing resourcefulness

Being creative helps adapt your thinking. It leads to better problem-solving. Instead of coming from a logical, linear approach, your creative side can look at a situation from all angles.

Sometimes obstacles arise while you are creating, so you must be resourceful in identifying and implementing new solutions. As you discover new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing, this instills confidence that you’re able to tackle the next challenge, whatever it might be! In the OnTV studio, we film the show as a ‘live production’ so there’s no stopping if mistakes happen, or if the record doesn’t run as planned! Here students are given an opportunity to think on their feet and implement creative solutions to problems as they arise.

Forging connection to others

Throughout life, social connection plays a large role in our wellbeing. Sharing creativity with others allows for new ideas to be sparked, as well as the opportunity to give and receive feedback and encouragement. A strong sense of community and connection is deeply rewarding! In the OnTV studio, teamwork is vital. Connection within groups are often strengthened through the sharing of a new, creative experience.