What’s your role at Capital E? I’m Head of Business and Development. I have an amazing team and we are super passionate about what we do here at Capital E, working hard to bring all our amazing experiences out to our different communities.

What’s the best thing about Capital E? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata, from our littlest citizens to our staunches supporters and all the brilliant folk in-between.

What is your first memory of being creative? When I asked my mum about what creative things I did when I was little, she said that I ‘created’ lots of washing because I was always changing my outfits?! I would say baking, starting with nothing and then creating something delicious to share. And then of course there was the decorating!

Why is creativity so important? There are so many reasons; self expression, stress relief, problem solving to name a few. But for me, it is often a chance to connect with my kids, whether it’s colouring together at a cafe, or building some mad creation out of LEGO (mine always use the flowers and trees), it is my happy place.

If you could create your own crayon, what would it be and describe the colour.

I would create a never-run-out pink crayon, it would alternate across the pink spectrum!

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