Capital E is on the hunt for more costume items for people using the OnTV studio’s wardrobe. From dresses, skirts and tops to men’s shirts, jackets and trousers, the team are wanting anything wacky, wild and wonderful that children and young people will find inspiring and fun to dress up in– So long as they’re not green!

The costumes will be used by visiting school groups, for all Presenters, Reporters, Interviewees and Actors to dress up in during their OnTV sessions, as well as any visiting other groups of adults that come in to make a production. During OnTV sessions the designated Wardrobe Team has the important responsibility of ensuring all on-screen cast look the part and are comfortable and confident in the costumes they are wearing.

Creative Technology Manager Melissa Conway says, “We have collected our current costumes from a range of sources – some have come from our National Theatre for Children productions; some have been purchased from Production Companies and costume stores in Wellington; some come from our staff; some are donated by the public and some are bought from 2nd hand shops but our budget is limited! And of course we have more than just clothes – there are some lovely accessories like funky necklaces, groovy gloves and wild wigs etc. We have some nice neck ties too, for those wanting a formal look! We are always on the look out for more interesting and inspiring clothing and accessories, especially in smaller sizes for students aged 8-18 years.”

The wardrobe for the OnTV sessions is a great experience for future costume designers, stylists and anyone interested in fashion.

“All wardrobe creations made for OnTV shows are highlights in any show as the clothing, props and accessories are what make the production really come to life on screen and they give each group’s production its own individual flavour and personality. It is always amazing to see the same outfits used in so many different ways by all the creative students out there!”

If you have clothes you’d like to donate, please get in touch with Creative Technology Manager Melissa Conway on 04 913 3730.  We can arrange pick up or alternatively drop your stuff off at Capital E Central, 4 Queens Wharf next time you’re passing.