Ages 0-6


Birthday Parties


Capital E’s creative play space is the ideal place to host your child’s birthday party. Our space is constantly buzzing with ever-changing themes, awesome activities, and equipment to keep young hands and minds busy. A Capital E staff member will be on hand to help you set-up, show you around the facilities and assist children with some of our craft activities.

  • Limited numbers: Our space can host approximately 15 children and 15 adults.
  • Price: $220 (includes a photo booth session)
  • Duration: 2 hour hire.
  • Facilities: Limited kitchen facilities available, speakers for music, free parking for one vehicle available for the party duration for ease of unloading/loading.
  • Birthday Sessions: Saturdays 4pm -6pm or Sundays  10am – 12noon or  2pm – 4pm.
  • Catering: You are welcome to bring your own party food along or we can arrange a cake and juice for an additional cost ($65 – see extra info page).
Ages 8+


For kids aged 8+, capture their memorable birthday party in our professional OnTV Studio or MediaLab computer suite. You’ll have the option to flip traditional fairy tales into crime capers in Once Upon a Crime or maybe you can save the human race from an Alien Invasion! If you’re more into computers, head to MediaLab to test your skills among friends and experience the fast–paced world of Multiplayer Gaming.


Crime gossip and scandal from the world of Far Away – create a show of crime stories based on well-known fairy stories and folk tales. Goldilocks is arrested for breaking and entering, we catch up with Beauty and the Beast now that the honeymoon is over, and the Big Bad Wolf is in trouble again…


Multiplayer LAN gaming lets you test your gaming skills alongside your friends. Spend two hours on our gaming PCs in our state-of-the-art MediaLab, competing with high emotion and full-on energy. Featuring an hour of high speed car racing time trials and an hour of first-person shooter games. (Note: games include some violence but no blood).


Make your own TV news show with 3 exciting stories, interviews and the weather! Grab some friends and use the OnTV Television Studio equipment to bring together this crazy script about upside-down houses, invisibility cloaks and woolen graffiti. Present the weather forecast, report the latest from the stock-market or maybe even interview the world’s biggest liar!


Explosions in the Beehive! Terror on the streets! Aliens have invaded and are running amok through Wellington! Be part of the news crew capturing the action on camera as the aliens threaten to destroy the planet unless the human race gives in to their outrageous demands. Will everyone survive or will they have their innards sucked out by the visitors from outer space?


  • Limited numbers: Multiplayer Gaming up to 16 people,  OnTV sessions up to 15 people
  • Price: $325 per session
  • Duration: 2 1/2 hours in OnTV and 2 hours in MediaLab
  • Facilities: Free parking for one vehicle available for the party duration for ease of unloading/loading.
  • Birthday Sessions: Saturdays and Sundays, OnTV  10am – 12.30pm or 1.30pm – 4pm; MediaLab 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm
  • Catering: You are welcome to bring your own party food along or we can arrange a cake and juice for you for $65 (see extra info page) .


So you’re pretty interested in our birthday parties? Well we don’t blame you! We want to ensure you’re informed of all the need-to-know information when booking your party experience.


We all know that no birthday party is complete without cake and presents. This important party staple can be integrated into an appropriate point in your session.
  • Capital E offers a Pandoro Birthday cake and juice pack ($65) that you can purchase through us or you are welcome to provide your own.
    This pack contains a delicious and generously sized chocolate cake supplied by Pandoro. Includes ‘Happy Birthday’ and the child’s name. Also a 2.5 litre bottle of tropical fruit juice. (Does not include candles. Contains ground almonds)
  • All plates and cups are provided.


  • They must be at least one parent/guardian present at the birthday party.
  • Cancellations within 14 working day will result in the loss of your deposit.
  • Bookings are not confirmed until Capital E has confirmed date and time and received your deposit.
  • Balance owing to be paid on the day of the party.
  • Please make sure we have confirmed your day and date choice before sending out your invitations.
  • Let us know if any children have any medical conditions or access requirements that we need to be aware of.
  • Birthday cakes ordered through Capital E are from Pandoro and contain almonds.
  • Due to the buildings smoke detectors we can not allow candles to be lit in our studios. If the weather is fine cakes may be taken out onto our balcony for candle lighting.
  • All groups completing an OnTV session will take away a USB stick of the finished show to share with friends and family.