Magnolia Street

Magnolia Street - Capital E's National Theatre for Children

On this street you’ll discover that magnolia trees have hearts, unexpected friendships are the best kind, and 1944 can be just around the corner.

Using multimedia and electronics to blur the line between what’s imagined and what’s real, Australia’s Frank Newman directs with his trademark combination of sharp storytelling and beautifully surprising animation.

Hold your breath — you’re arriving at Magnolia Street.

Writer: Dave Armstrong
Director: Frank Newman
Audio Visual Designer: Johann Nortje
Composer: Gareth Hobbs
Lighting Designer: Nathan McKendry
Starring: Erin Banks, Byron Coll and Robin Kerr

“Newman’s latest theatrical experiment, housed at New Zealand’s Capital E …is allowing him to explore the most cutting-edge and unexpected ways to reinvent the experience of theatre for young audiences.” TYA Today, USA, 2012

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