Ivy Saviour of the Dinosaur

Ivy Saviour of the Dinosaur - Capital E's National Theatre for Children

From her hideaway in a museum basement comes Ivy, a cleaning lady with a difference. Her humble set of wheels may look like a cleaning cart, but just wait and see where – and when! – that time-travelling trolley is about to take you.

Join our heroine of hygiene as she takes you on a whirlwind trip through history. From a clash with Cleopatra to schmoozing with Shakespeare, and even a detour to the moon – our quirky queen of clean lets nothing distract her from her mission to save the dinosaurs from certain extinction.

With a cinematic score from Gareth Farr, Ivy will warm the hearts and spark the imaginations of children of all ages.
Writer: Jennifer Martin
Director: Kerryn Palmer
Starring: Jennifer Martin and Nick Dunbar

“The ride she takes us on is as thrilling as it is educational. It is a brilliant introduction to the concepts of history and prehistory for the young.” Theatreview

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