Ideatorium – Digital

Digital School Holiday Programmes

We’re looking for original ideas from artists of all disciplines for creative digital arts programming, developments, and experiences where children are at the heart of the project. 

If you are a creative who would like to explore projects involving young people in areas including augmented/virtual reality, game development as an artistic expression, or coding to drive projections, monitors or robotics we would be excited to help you realise your vision for a school holiday programme or workshop.

Please be aware that film making, animation as explicit storytelling or other media as direct narrative do not fall within the scope of the projects we will be looking at in the Ideatorium.

The following criteria will be considered when your proposal for digital is assessed. Your Ideatorium proposal must be: 

  • aligned with Capital E’s vision and values
  • primarily focused on the digital medium (code, new media or innovative technology) as the main vehicle for the work. 
  • actively engaging children and young people as co-creators or producers
  • innovative use of digital technology
  • must be a unique, high quality piece of work
  • age appropriate in content
  • reflecting and adding value to creative expression
  • well-articulated
  • feasible
  • safe, manageable and suitable for the age group 
  • deliverable Capital E and/or its surroundings 
  • introducing new audiences to Capital E (not essential but desirable) 

Ideatorium is closed

We are no longer accepting applications and proposals for:

  • School holiday programmes for children aged 8-12 years.
  • Digital art installations.



What’s an Ideatorium?

Do you accept submissions for work for adults?

Is this a grant?

Can I submit more than one Ideatorium application?

How complete does my project idea need to be?

What is the process after application?

What do I need to include in my budget?

I’ve performed/ exhibited this work or something similar somewhere else, is that okay?

What is an advisory panel?

I’ve missed the deadline. Can I just send you my idea anyway?

What if I’m still working out some of the information?

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