Expressions of Interest

Every two years in September, Capital E calls for Expressions of Interest from artists who wish to work with us. The next Expression of Interest opens September 2019.


Capital E – Live comprises of our National Theatre for Children and biennial National Arts Festival. Our mission is to give every young New Zealander the opportunity to experience the very best professional performance art, through work that speaks of Aotearoa and our place in the world. We aim to be a gateway to excellence in the professional performing arts to create and present quality professional theatrical experiences to children, their families and their communities.

Every two years we put out a call for Expressions of Interest. You can submit one of two options:

  1. An Expression of Interest (EOI) to Capital E’s National Theatre for Children development programme. This can be an idea, or a song, or a digital-live innovative idea, or script or story. The work we create is made for 2 – 14-year-olds. The EOI must be accompanied by a one-page overview explaining the inspiration behind the idea, song, script or story.
  1. An EOI for a pre-existing tour-ready show that would be suitable for presentation at Capital E’s biennial National Arts Festival, targeted at children aged 2 – 14 years. Works/practitioners should have a track record with reviews and audience take up from other seasons. Shows need to be 45-50 minutes in duration and repeated up to 12 times per week (ie two show days across six days).

EOIs will be assessed by our Artistic Advisory Panel who bring expertise and contextual knowledge of the arts and work made for children. They are an arms-length approach to Capital E’s programming process. The Panel will provide recommendations to Capital E for a final decision on whether an EOI will be included as part of our National Theatre for Children ongoing development programme, or as part of our biennial National Arts Festival.

In assessing the EOI we are seeking:

  • Creativity – imagination and originality of the idea, or song, or digitally innovative idea, or script or story, and one that appeals to children and their caregivers.
  • Currency – relevancy to children and young people, and appropriateness for Capital E’s artistic programme.

If an EOI is not chosen for further development, other avenues for its exploration will be considered and suggested.

Capital E's - National Theatre for Children

Each year Capital E National Theatre for Children creates, produces and presents works for children and young people in theatres around New Zealand. Occasionally we create and produce large-scale work in collaboration with other arts companies. Our productions are generally less than 60 minutes in duration and tend to feature anywhere between 1 – 4 performers. Development is undertaken with a bespoke team of creative professionals. It incorporates a number of opportunities for young people in the target audience to be involved in the development process. We can spend 2-3 years developing work from the initial EOI concept. Works in the development programme do not always make it to full production.

Mata and The Mysterious Musical Maunga - Capital E's National Arts Festival

Every two years Capital E presents its National Arts Festival for children in mid-late March. There are over 200 performances presented by local New Zealand and international companies, with approximately 16,000 children in attendance each festival. The festival period spans two weeks – the majority geared for the education market, whereby Capital E raises funds to heavily subsidise the cost of bus transportation and tickets for kindergarten and school-aged children. Public performances are offered over the two weekends of the festival period.

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