Accessibility at the National Arts Festival

Theatre is for everyone! We want all audience members to have the best time at a Capital E show, which is why we’ve included experiences for those that would benefit from additional support.

Check out the following shows that include access assistance.

TRÖLL – Captioned

From Trick of the Light Theatre comes a lo-fi wi-fi fable in the vein of Stranger Things. It combines storytelling, music, and puppetry into an uncanny tale from the twitchy edges of the digital age.

The Barber of Seville – Captioned

Comedy mixes with music in this fast-paced, colourful, and entertaining adaptation of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.

Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere – Relaxed Performance

The beloved children’s book The Kuia and The Spider receives the prequel treatment in Te Kuia Me Te Pūngāwerewere which explores the origins of the argument…

All Shows – Social scripts coming soon!


  • Captioning – Captioning converts the spoken word, song, sound effects and offstage noises into text shown on screens to support audience members with hearing impairment.
  • Relaxed performances – Relaxed performances welcome audience members with sensory and/or communication impairments to experience a show where some staging elements are modified to create a low sensory environment. During the show, audience members can feel comfortable making noise and moving around in a friendly environment.
  • Social script – A social script is a guide that can be used to familiarise audience members to each theatre venue and provides a summary of what to expect during the show.

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