Te Reo Zines


In celebration of Mahuru Māori we have created these free te reo zines for you to download. There’s five to choose from, with tales from singing pīwakawaka, grumpy taniwha, naughty tūī and talking cats and dogs!

Our designer Flavia, writer Lizzie, and translator Wiremu created these and we think they are awesome! Ka mau te wehi!

Cat Language | Te Reo Ngeru
Dog Language | Te Reo Kuri
Don’t draw in this book! | Kaua e tuhi ki rō nei!
The Hungry Tui | Te Tūī Hiakai
Yeah Right | Tēnā pōhēhē tēnā

A note on printing: They print double sided with te reo and the English translations on either side. It’s really important when you go to print them that you choose A4 paper size and then make sure it is printing “actual size” (not “fit” or “shrink”). Otherwise the pages won’t line up with the folds in the zine & it’ll look silly! Once printed, follow these instructions on how to fold your zine