Our National Arts Festival is in full swing, and week one has been amazing! It has featured daring acrobatics, squirting milk jets, cheeky taniwha, gigantic sculptures, beached whales, evil witches, dancing cows, brain transplants and so much more.

With our public programme kicking off on Saturday, we asked some of our Capital E kids to tell us which shows they’re most excited to see. Here’s what the experts recommend:


Harri, age 8, is really excited to see the boisterous magic of Un Roi Arthur: “It will be cool to see a show from a different country, I am looking forward to hearing the trumpets!”

Townsend, age 10, is also keen to see Un Roi Arthur: “It sounds so weird. I’ve gotta see it coz I hear somebody plays an instrument with their nose!”


Cormac, age 6, can’t wait to enter the magical world of Shu and see one of his favourite shows again: “I want to go see Shu’s Song again because I loved it when he bumped around”.


Valerie, age 13, loves cheese as much as the rest of us: “Cheese – because it looks so cheesy!’


Olivia, age 7, is excited to see one of our education shows at Odd Lands, Whales by Binge Culture: “I am most excited to see the Whales one because I like whales and saving them, they are magical!”


Rosa, age 11, is looking forwards to seeing what sort of trouble Jamie McCaskill gets into with his brand new show: “I really want to see Mata and the Mysterious Musical Maunga, because I like mysteries and this show sounds intriguing! This show has a quest which interested me the most. I can’t wait!”

Check out the full schedule and buy your tickets now – they’re selling fast!