Winners of the 2016 Roxy5 Short Film Competition with Capital E have begun re-filming their stories with film industry professionals, Capital E tutors and Park Road Post Productions.

Film industry professionals, Capital E and the Miramar Events Trust have spent the past 3 weeks on set around the Wellington region including, Martinborough, Kāpiti Coast and Strathmore to re-capture the brilliant stories in short films created by students from Kāpiti College, Wellington High School and Kahurangi School, which took out the top 3 prizes in the Roxy5 Short Film Competition with Capital E. Each film has been allocated approximately 3 shoot days to work on set and have done remarkably well to shoot both indoor and outdoor amongst the 2 coldest weeks of the year!

Co-Producers, Kristy Grant (Miramar Events Trust) and Melissa Conway (Capital E) let us in on the top highlights so far:

Seeing the strengths of the Students working in a professional and supportive environment has been the biggest highlight. We have been working with these groups for almost 9 months now and the growth and transition during their learning journeys has been outstanding.

We’ve also enjoyed watching how everyone works together as a team to make things happen; lots of laughs; lots of hard work and it has been so great to see how much everyone has gained from this wonderful experience – students getting hands on and creative to develop their skills and mentors genuinely enjoying sharing their knowledge with young upcoming talent.

The number of chocolate fish that have been eaten on set is incredible – one person (who shall remain nameless) is rumoured to have consumed 16 in one day!!

The re-made films will be screened as part of the Young & Cinematic Programme part of the Capital E National Arts Festival in March 2017.