The future doesn’t happen to children – they create it!

Over 17,000 children and young people will enjoy the wonder of world-class live performances during the Festival. The majority will experience it with their school as part of our education weeks, many seeing a live performance for the very first time.
Transport costs can stop some schools from bringing children to the Festival. We try to make it as easy as possible for schools to attend – including offering hundreds of free buses to travel to and from the Festival and assistance with funding.

How you can make a difference

Hop on board with us to ensure young people get their fix of the arts by donating to our Festival. Select one or more of these items to put in your cart when booking tickets online or choose your own amount when paying for your purchase. You can also donate over the phone or in person.
$5 helps one child on their way to the Festival
$10 gets a return ticket back to school at the end of the day
$40 enables a group of friends to come too!
$100… Now we’re talking, the whole class can come!
What the heck – let’s bus in the whole school!