Story Studio Live

What we need



The Story Studio Live Aotearoa team have some requirements to make it the best live-streamed performance possible at your school. 

  • A staff member to meet our technician on arrival to be shown where the performance space is. 
  • Provide an indoor performance space, with a minimum clearance of six-meters wide x three-meters deep for the equipment plus an area large enough to accommodate your ākonga. 
  • The performance space needs to be at least three-meters high to fit the projector screen. If the roof height is lower than this the performance space minimum clearance will need to increase to six-meters wide x seven-meters deep for optimal viewing.     
  • Ākonga will be sitting on the floor for the performance so no chairs need to be set up for this, just an empty space.  
  • Our technician will bring and set up all the equipment required for the performance – for example, projector screen, web cameras, microphones, and sound equipment.  
  • The area around the technical equipment will be off limits to ākonga for their own safety and the safety of our technician.  
  • Parking for one large van, preferably close to where the performance is being held, with clear access to unload the equipment. This includes:  
    • An accessible concrete pathway and ramp to the performance space  
    • Doorway entrance 1.2 meters wide (minimum)  
    • Elevator access if necessary  
  • Our technician may need some school staff to assist moving a few heavy items (about 25 kgs per item). We will let you know closer to the performance date if this help is required.  
  • The ability to pull blinds/curtains across windows if it’s affecting viewing of the projector screen during the performance.  
  • Provide access to four-to-five electrical power points within 10-20 metres of the performance space. We’ll bring our own power boards (multi-boxes). 
  • Access to the performance area for about three hours*:   
    • At least one hour to set up prior to the performance  
    • 45-50 minutes for the performance 
    • Up to one hour to pack down after the performance and return the space to how it was 
  • *Talk to the Capital E bookings team about timing if you’re booking more than one performance.

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