Te Rā Nei i Te Pō Nei is our latest OnTV programme featuring a script entirely in te reo Māori!

E kōrero ana mō ngā āhuatanga rerekē puta noa i te ao, tae atu ki te whiwhi oranga hei moke, he tangata kāore e taea te whakamutu te katakata i kī kua hē tino hē tōna ao ināianei, he uiui i te tangata whakarapa rawa i te ao katoa, me te kōrero ki tētahi rōpū e whai ana i ētahi whakapono tino rerekē. Mehemea i pōhēhē koe he āhua rerekē ngā karere i te awatea, taihoa nei koe ka kite i a Te Rā Nei i Te Pō Nei.

(Covering events of the unusual from around the globe, including making a living as a hermit, a man who cannot stop laughing says his life is in ruins, and an interview with the world’s unluckiest person, plus a chat with a group who hold some unusual beliefs. If you thought the news stories during the day were sometimes a bit odd wait till you see what goes on Tonightline.)

  • $7.50 per student for Wellington Schools OR $10.00 for schools outside of Wellington
  • Teachers and accompanying adults are admitted free
  • We have a minimum session charge of $150.00 for all school group sessions
  • We can host a minimum of 10 and maximum of 32 students per booking

: Our prices for school groups are subsidised by Ministry of Education funding. Prices vary for non-school groups. If you are a non school group and you wish to make a booking, please email bookingsed@experiencewellington.org.nz with your enquiry.

We had such a awesome time! It was definitely a highlight of our whole Wellington trip because it was a new fun experience to be doing something, rather than sitting back and just watching what other people created. Definitely a thumbs up!
I have never ever put different music in a part of a movie before. I only listen to music but I have never changed it to another piece of music before, this is one of the most: thrilling, cool, movitastic things I have ever done and it looks like this is just going to be the cooliest camp ever, one of the reasons is because of this.
To experience this is not just a pleasure, it is a privilege. I had so much fun making video games because I have played many, but made none until today, thank you so much!
My visit to Capital E was really great. I have many friends who produce music on their computers but I’ve never tried to do so myself. After this session however, I am definitely going to download Sony’s Acid when I get home. Overall great experience and a great teacher.
Really really enjoyed my trip here it was awesome!!!!! I loved it because there was no restrictions we got to put whatever we wanted or what felt right, it was easy to learn and i would definitely want to come back here again. Thanks Capital E!!!
  • Azaria

    Loved it when I came in

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