Story Studio Live

Live, from your school, Capital E presents Story Studio LIVE!

Capital E is working with talented young writers in creating worlds and characters from their own imagination, and now these tales are being brought to life as a live-action radio play! Harking back to the golden age of radio, this brand new performance experience is touring schools across the country, showing students that video, did not kill the radio star.

Watch the professional actors in the pop-up radio studio put on the ‘cans’ ready to voice the characters from the stories written by students. With help from the actors and audience as the Foley/sound artists the imaginative tales of action, comedy, friendship and intrigue come alive.

This unique touring performance is an analogue and digital mashup, as old-school sound effects and classic radio meet innovative performance and digital technology. The studio will cross ‘live’ by video to the young writers as they describe their inspiration, the writing process, and provide direction of where the story will go…

Stay tuned! This performance links to the New Zealand Curriculum through Drama and English.

Capital E is an established provider of performing arts experiences for children and young people. Story Studio LIVE showcases the voices and imagination of young people, inspiring the next generation of writers, actors, and creative thinkers.

Here’s what you will get:

  • A 60 minute professional performance experience at your school that showcases stories written by young people!
  • An immersive, interactive performance created by children and young people, presented by professional actors and musicians.
  • An activity booklet for students to ignite their creative process in writing their own radio play.
  • Process your booking and leave everything to us. We’ll bring this fantastic experience right to your school door! Easy!
  • An experience that links to the NZ Curriculum in English and Drama.

The Story Studio LIVE team have a few requirements for visiting your school.

  • Children and young people to perform to.
  • A staff member to meet our Tour Manager on arrival to be shown where the facilities are.
  • We’ll bring the props, set, costume, sound and lighting equipment for the performance all we need is an indoor space, with a minimum performance area of 5x5m and an area large enough to accommodate your school audience.
  • Access to four electrical power points.
  • Parking for two extra-large vans, preferably near the performance space, with clear access to unload equipment.
  • Access to the performance area for 2.5 hours – 1 hour to set up, 1 hour for the performance, and 30 minutes to pack down. Talk to us about timings if you’re booking more than one performance.

Shows at 9.30am or 1.30pm. Talk to the Capital E team if you would like to book more than one performance at your school.

North Island

  • Palmerston North / 6-7 August
  • New Plymouth / 9-10 August
  • Hamilton / 13-14 August
  • North Shore / 16-17 August
  • Whangarei / 20-21 August
  • Manukau / 23-24 August
  • Rotorua / 27-28 August
  • Tauranga / 30-31 August
  • Gisborne / 3-4 September
  • Napier  / 6-7 September

South Island

  • Christchurch/11-14 September
  • Invercargill / 17-18 September
  • Dunedin/ 20-21 September
  • Nelson/ 25-26 September

Talk to the Capital E team if you would like to book more than one performance in your school.

  • 50 students or less – $250 per performance
  • 51-100 – $400 per performance
  • 101-200 – $600 per performance
  • 201+ – $750 per performance
Watch this space for our upcoming activity booklet for Story Studio LIVE.
“I think young people and adults have different perspectives and it’s important that they’re shared with each other. I think it’s important for young people to know what their small ideas can turn into.” Olive, a Story Studio LIVE student writer
“What we wanted to do with Story Studio LIVE is to take the work and the voice of young people seriously and to work with them to give that voice the best expression in the form of a script for performance, and then produce it to the highest quality to share with other young people – who better to be writing work for young people about what is important in their world?” Peter Graham, Capital E Creative Producer – Digital
“What I absolutely adore about Story Studio LIVE, is that it is a live performance experience where professional actors and musicians bring to life the tales written by young people for young people!  This experience will differ from presentation to presentation, for the audience will actively participate in some of the Foley sound effects and help to create the ambience for each story. The personal exchange between the actors/musicians with that audience – in that moment – will be immediate, magical and spontaneous and will be remembered for many years to come for both actor/musician and young audience member.” Marianne Taylor, Capital E Creative Producer – Live

Curriculum Links

Drama – Level One

Understanding Drama in Context • Demonstrate an awareness that drama serves a variety of purposes in their lives and in their communities.

English – Listening, reading and viewing – Level One

Purposes and audiences • Recognise that texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences
Language features •  Recognise and begin to understand how language features are used for effect within and across texts.
Structure • Recognise and begin to understand text structures.

English – Listening, reading and viewing – Level Two

Purposes and audiences • Show some understanding of how texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences.
Language features •  Show some understanding of how language features are used for effect within and across texts.
Structure • Show some understanding of text structures.


Story Studio Live