Would you pay to play? What if the cost was friendship?

When an accident in a playground between four close friends leads to a media frenzy, unsupervised playing is outlawed. As they’re forced to play in private ‘Playparks’ they find themselves divided and facing moral and personal challenges for the first time. When Brendan decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts the person who is taking his friends away, he discovers a secret motivation. Join four actors as they unravel the drama in this highly physical and compelling play featuring slick choreography, punchy percussive composition and perfectly pitched humour for young audiences.

Capital E National Theatre for Children presents Stealing Games, a highly physical, comedic and deeply emotive play by acclaimed NZ playwright, Gary Henderson.

The 2015 touring production is offering interactive question and answer sessions after shows at selected venues. For no extra charge, these sessions are approximately 30 minutes long and will take place directly after the performance.


When me and my parents first arrived at Hannah Playhouse people on the stage invited everyone to have a try of hacky sack.  It was fun and exciting. The play is about four friends that love playing together but no one knew that playing four square could end in a accident and that’s when they invented play parks which I thought was a bad idea because you have to pay to play. My favourite person would be Judd because he energetic. My favourite song was paint the town green, which went good with their dance moves.

The change of the costumes were very fast especially when Abby got into here police outfit. Everyone in the audience laughed a lot. My favourite part would be when they jumped up and down and around there desks.  Me and my mom and dad loved it.

– By Cinnamon Machin


Stealing Games is a children’s play showing at Hannah Playhouse that includes comedy, great acting and also a very good moral to the story.

Stealing Games takes place in lots of different locations, including a school and an office, all on one small stage – it was very cleverly done. All of the actors played more than one character, which confused me at first, but I understood pretty quickly. The 4 main characters – ­Judd, Abbey, Brendon and Nicole – all love playing outside after school but when an accident happens things start to change. The acting was brilliant and it was good that they included comedy and some dancing in a quite serious story. Stealing Games is a great play with awesome characters.

I highly recommend Stealing Games for all ages to enjoy. I give it 10/10.

So would you pay to play?

– By Billy Paratene


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