Age: 3 – 14yrs

Welcome to Odd Lands! A zany world of outdoor performance mayhem.

Who said all the fun had to happen indoors – not us! In 2017 we’re adding an exciting new strand of performance into the Festival; fantastic street shows which stretch across Odlins Plaza and the Wellington Waterfront from Te Papa to Frank Kitts Lagoon.

Odd Lands will come vividly alive each weekday between 11.30am and 1pm, with dance, song, circus, sculpture making, clowning and interactive theatre. Most festival day packages for education groups includes a visit to this quirky land of unexpected escapades.

Participatory Theatre
Binge Culture | Whales

Beautiful majestic whales swim through the city, singing, playing and waving their fins. When they strand they need your help to get safely back to the ocean.

Makers of Entertainment | Hikitia: Fool Steam

On the Hikitia floating crane the cleaners find endless ways to keep themselves entertained. With graceful aerial feats, who knows what sort of mischief they’ll get up to next.

Fraser Hooper | Country Life

Take one award winning clown, add some eccentric dancing, a water skiing cow and a large rubber duck and you have the perfect recipe for non stop laughter.

Dance and Song
Whitereia Performing Arts | Kanikani

Share in the joy of dance. Experience the fanfare of drums and dynamic Māori, Samoan and Cook Islands dance.

Interactive sculpture
Capital E | Bloom
Is it a dinosaur, a whirlpool, a cloud? Hundreds of bright pink pieces create a vibrant art installation made by children under the guidance of Bloom’s Head Gardeners.


Extra information for education groups:

Less walking between venues
Odd Lands is also your lunchtime stop, so compared to previous years there will be less walking for your group. This means more time to enjoy the Festival!

Odd Lands is an outdoor experience
If the weather is against us, don’t worry, we have a plan. Your Festival Host will take care of you and alternative wet weather activities will replace Odd Lands.

For schools

Dates: 13 – 17 March Junior week and 20 – 24 March Senior week
Venue: Odlins Plaza, Wellington Waterfront
Duration: 30 mins plus lunch

Our full day School and Early Childhood Centre packages are now sold out! We’ve had a fantastic response and we’re delighted so many of you are excited about the Festival.

We still have limited one show options available; which means you can bring your group to the Festival for your favourite chosen event, rather than stay for the whole day.

For public

Odd Lands is only available to education groups in 2017. Other festival events are open to the public on weekends and some week nights only.

Public booking is not available for this experience