Written by Joy Cowley
Illustrated by Gavin Bishop

Two very different creatures learn about the give-and-take of  friendship in this warm and funny story set in the desert.

Snake is elegant and calm, and a little self-centred. Lizard is exuberant and irrepressible.

With its wisdom, acceptance and good humour, Friends: Snake and Lizard captures the essence of friendship.

The stories are beautifully illustrated by Gavin Bishop in warm and clear colours of the desert.

‘I absolutely LOVE eggs!’ Snake said. ‘You know that.’
Lizard replied, ‘You mean you like eggs. We do not use the word love for food.’
‘I do.’
‘Love,’ said Lizard, ‘is a word for relationships, not for things. You can’t have a relationship with your         dinner.’
‘I can,’ Snake replied.

Friends: Snake and Lizard continues the daily adventures of this lovable pair as they meet a frog without its croak, a coyote with a thorny problem, a nosy porcupine and many other creatures of the desert, even human things. And although Snake and Lizard argue a lot, they remain the best of friends.


  • Price: $19.50
  • Ideal for: Ages 5-12 years
  • Cover type: Paperback