Spend the day developing digital technology skills and learning about paintingpast, present and future.  At City Gallery, students will take inspiration from Colin McCahon’s painting from the 1960s and 1970s, and Petra Cortright’s colourful, slow-moving, digital artworks. They’ll experiment with painting techniques in the Education Studio to create multi-layered compositions.  At Capital E’s MediaLab, students will make their own digital collages, then immerse themselves in the futuristic world of painting, creating 3D artworks in virtual reality.

Learning areas:
Visual Art, Digital Technology, Virtual Reality

Painting, Digital Painting, Animation

Programme details:

  • Available in Term 2 2017
  • Suitable for students in Year 4 to Year 11 with a maximum of 30 students each day
  • Cost of $10 per student
  • The day starts at 10am and finishes at 2:30pm

Bookings for Digital Painting are through City Gallery. Get in touch with a gallery educator or call 04 913 9029

*Image by: Petra Cortright nude drawing model in Eisenhower bibliography spine 2016. Courtesy Tristian Koenig, Melbourne.

We had such a awesome time! It was definitely a highlight of our whole Wellington trip because it was a new fun experience to be doing something, rather than sitting back and just watching what other people created. Definitely a thumbs up!
I have never ever put different music in a part of a movie before. I only listen to music but I have never changed it to another piece of music before, this is one of the most: thrilling, cool, movitastic things I have ever done and it looks like this is just going to be the cooliest camp ever, one of the reasons is because of this.
To experience this is not just a pleasure, it is a privilege. I had so much fun making video games because I have played many, but made none until today, thank you so much!
My visit to Capital E was really great. I have many friends who produce music on their computers but I’ve never tried to do so myself. After this session however, I am definitely going to download Sony’s Acid when I get home. Overall great experience and a great teacher.
Really really enjoyed my trip here it was awesome!!!!! I loved it because there was no restrictions we got to put whatever we wanted or what felt right, it was easy to learn and i would definitely want to come back here again. Thanks Capital E!!!
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  • Zara

    I really enjoyed doing DIGITAL ART! It was awesome exploring what you can really do in digital art. I would love to come again and do this.
    Thank you so much Sam!

  • Amelie

    hi , today i went to digital art it was amazing thanks for letting my class come it was really enjoyable it was rad!!!!

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