Meet Buck, champion dog trialist returning home from a successful world tour. Stuck in quarantine with British bulldog Horatio, French poodle Fifi and the mysterious Dolores Del Mar from Mexico they swap stories of grand English manors, stylish Parisian quarters and Buck’s love of the kiwi farm.

But Dolores has a secret New Zealand Customs mustn’t find out. Will the overbearing Horatio spoil her plans? Will Fifi stop reminiscing about French cuisine long enough to notice? Buck smells a rat! But will he act on it?

Joyful and witty, this comic canine caper with oodles of international intrigue from one of our best-selling authors, Jenny Pattrick.

"Capital E's first show in its new home is a winner and definitely for all ages. Mr McGee & the Biting Flea takes five short stories by Pamela Allen and turns them into highly entertaining, expertly performed, amusingly choreographed, musical adventures."
Newman’s latest theatrical experiment, housed at New Zealand’s Capital E …is allowing him to explore the most cutting-edge and unexpected ways to reinvent the experience of theatre for young audiences.
Hinepau is a stunning production that truly celebrates Maori culture in a format which is accessible, engaging and importantly, fun.
"There are multimedia projections, amazing puppetry, actors in wonderfully choreographed sequences and, of course, the symphony orchestra all combining harmoniously to create what is a truly amazing piece of theatre."
The ride she takes us on is as thrilling as it is educational. It is a brilliant introduction to the concepts of history and prehistory for the young.
"...this is high quality theatre for children and a great asset for the country."
"...the unfolding drama is clearly played out and instantly accessible as directly relevant to all our lives, which makes it very engaging and highly entertaining."
"Entrancing and intriguing for the younger ones, who will intuitively recognise true experiences they rarely see replicated in theatre, it also leaves older observers with plenty to think about in terms of how a lot of lives are lived and where our humanity lies."
“…moving and poignant, but hilarious as well. I learned more about WW1 in that hour than I ever did at school or university! It really was outstanding – so impressed.”
Songs of the Sea is beautiful and enchanting theatre. Our audiences sat spellbound.