Ideatorium – National Theatre for Children

Our Ideatorium is currently closed and opens every two years. Check back in August 2021 for our next Ideatorium opportunity.  

National Theatre for Children

Each year Capital E’s National Theatre for Children creates and produces unique works that are presented to up to 12,000 early childhood and primary aged children in theatre venues around New Zealand. We make high-quality works that are original, reflecting New Zealand and our place in the world.

Development of productions is undertaken with a team of creative professionals with opportunities for young people in the target audience to be involved in the process. It can take between two-three years to develop a work from the initial Ideatorium concept and not all works make it to full production.

National Arts Festival for Children

Since 2003, Capital E’s unique, biennial, multi-disciplinary National Arts Festival has combined national and international performers to inspire and engage over 40,000 young Wellington audiences. Our festival is programmed to include a variety of art-forms; in 2019 we programmed 11 shows and 1 mini-film festival. Across the 2019 Festival, seven shows were produced by New Zealand based companies and four shows were international. Our festival takes place over 2 weeks and returns in 2023.

Not all Ideatorium proposals can be selected for presentation, as programming decisions are dependent on the suitability, relevance to our target market, and make-up of performative styles across the entirety of the festival programme.  

The following criteria will be considered when your proposal is assessed. The assessment of your Ideatorium proposal will be guided by:

  • alignment with Capital E’s vision and values
  • the creativity of your idea, song, script or story
  • the currency of your idea, song, script or story
  • the concept and vigour of your show (National Arts Festival applications)
  • the tour readiness of your show (National Arts Festival applications)
  • innovative, original, and high quality
  • age-appropriate in content
  • well-articulated


Ideatorium is currently closed. Check back in August 2021 for future opportunities

National Theatre for Children 
We are calling for Ideatorium Expressions of Interest from New Zealand performing arts practitioners for theatre works that will engage and inspire children and young people. Productions are 45-50 minutes in duration and tend to feature anywhere between 1–4 performers and should be suitable for early childhood and primary aged children.

If a proposal is not selected for our National Theatre for Children development programme, other avenues for its exploration may be considered and suggested. 

National Arts Festival for Children
Pre-existing, tour-ready shows that would be suitable for presentation in Wellington theatre venues in the 2023 National Arts Festival for Children. Suitable for children aged 2-7 years or 8-14 years. Shows should be 45-55 minutes in duration and if programmed, will be repeated up to 12 times per week (2 show days across 6 days).


What’s an Ideatorium?

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