Grandad’s Lucky Storm

Grandads Lucky Storm - Capital E's National Theatre for Children

As the windows rattle and winds howl, Grandad waits out the storm with his grandchild. A spur of the moment babysitting job turns into a tale of adventure, piracy, and family, as Grandad shares the secrets of his life. Out of the gloom of Grandad’s home, cluttered with motorbike parts and makeshift furniture, his story appears before your eyes as if by magic. Grandad’s adventures twist and turn as pieces of theatrical mystery bring even the most faraway places right to the door.

Writer: Rachel Callinan
Director: Murray Lynch
Creative Producer: Stephen Blackburn
Designer: Theo Wijnsma
Composer: Thomas Press
Starring: Jason Whyte

“Entrancing and intriguing for the younger ones, who will intuitively recognise true experiences they rarely see replicated in theatre, it also leaves older observers with plenty to think about in terms of how a lot of lives are lived and where our humanity lies.” Theatreview

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