An Awfully Big Adventure

An Awfully Big Adventure - Capital E's National Theatre for Children

Brace yourselves for a ridiculously clever play in your local theatre! For one hour you’ll be transported to World War One and will follow a story of two young men; one a keen enlister, the other a conscientious objector.

As suitcases transform to trenches, and a dusty collection of coats becomes a map of Europe, their stories collide on Flanders fields. Through energetic songs and moments of Pythonesque vaudeville, this high energy ensemble beautifully shares unforgettable stories. Prepare to embark on a journey to explore the truth behind a different time and place.

“I’ve spent months trying to teach my students the history and impact of WW1, and in just 10 minutes you’ve presented something to my students that they totally understand!” – Teacher, July 2014

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